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Wes Turner

For Macedon Ranges - West Ward

About Me

I am married with three children.

I have owned and operated a local business in Kyneton for more than forty years and know the issues involved in doing so.

I would be committed to encourage business opportunities and growth for local jobs. I have trained several apprentices during my time as a business owner. I have also been a part time sessional trade teacher at Bendigo Tafe and Malmsbury Juvenile justice centre.

I am a third generation farmer and know first hand the issues concerning sustainable farming. I have attended ongoing stakeholder meetings with Coliban water and North West catchment authority's "A Healthy Coliban Catchment" as a farmer representative.

I have been a member of Spring Hill CFA for more than forty years have good understanding of what the issues are concerning fire prevention. I have personal interests in music and have played in a local band over the years including fundraiser events for Spring Hill CFA and Tylden Hall Committee, I have a wide circle of friends from varying backgrounds. I have always been open to views of others and feel with my life's experience that I would be a good representative for local issues.

My Commitments Are:

Independent: Not A Member Of, Or Funded By Any Political Party

Support Local Business And Create Local Jobs

Fire Prevention: Protect the environment

Support Sustainable Farming

Support Kyneton's Local Airport

Help Streamline The Planning Process

Good Planning Outcomes For Future Developments

Consult With The Local Community


Traffic Light System:

In response to the Traffic Light rating system for candidates that has recently been distributed:
My responses to any questions asked were not taken into account for my rating and I was awarded a red light by default with no interview.
Because of this I encourage voters to challenge the veracity of this voting guide, and make your own informed decisions of the running candidates.

I have always acted with honesty and integrity and if elected it will be an honor to be able to serve my community in the same way.
Thank you for your time.

Covid 19 Postal Delays:

Due to the possibility of postal delays caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic, I would recommend all voters turn their votes in as early as possible.